Botswana's 5 Best Stocks of 2014

Botswana's Best Stocks

At first glance, it would appear that the quiet Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) had a lackluster year. Its main index is down 1.0% in USD terms.

If you look closely at the performances of individual stocks, however, you will see that the market was weighed down by two large banks that are struggling to grow profits due to Botswana’s record low interest rates. Most other stocks have enjoyed solid price gains.

Here’s a countdown of the top five performers.

Botswana's 5 Best Stocks of 2013

Home of the Botswana Stock Exchange

The Botswana Stock Exchange had a disappointing year. As of this writing, its Domestic Companies Index had increased just 5.0% in dollar terms (17.9% in local currency).

Botswana has been slow to recover from the big gem price crash of 2011. Diamonds account for roughly 30% of the southern African nation’s GDP.

But while the market as a whole may have been mediocre, several companies posted terrific performances.

Here’s a countdown of Botswana’s best stocks of 2013.

A Simple System to Stalk Super African Stocks

Photo by Yathin

The stock market can be a pretty confusing, intimidating place for new investors.

With all of its charts, ratios, and jargon, it’s clear why many people choose to either hire a professional to manage their stock portfolios or to ignore stocks altogether.

Are you one of these people?

If so, I’m glad you’re here, because, today, I’m going to show you a magic formula for picking great African stocks.

Gems of the Kalahari: Two Botswana Small-Caps Poised for Big 2012 Returns

Port Nolloth - diamonds are for...Dawie

A few small-cap African stocks posted big returns in 2011. That’s all fine and good. But investing is all about predicting future gains – not admiring past ones.

Where should investors be looking for stellar performance in 2012? I’ve been strolling through the Sub-Saharan markets and am putting together a few ideas. Here are a couple intriguing opportunities on the Botswana Stock Exchange.