Afrinvestor's Journal: Witnessing the Kenyan Election

Photo by DEMOSH

Jan Schalkwijk is a Portfolio Manager with Africa Capital Group, an asset management firm that specializes in African stocks. The following is an account of his recent trip to Kenya and Burundi.

As the plane began its descent into Nairobi the evening of March 5th, I struck up a conversation with the KLM flight attendant. I always enjoy the opportunity to speak a little Dutch, which is not a daily occurrence for me these days.

As part of the usual small talk, I asked her where in Nairobi the flight crew was staying. She replied that KLM security had advised them to stay at the airport this time in light of security concerns surrounding the elections that had been held the day prior.

It was then that I mentally connected the news articles I had been reading about the Kenyan elections with the reality of being there, at ground zero of what could either be a repeat of the 2007 election violence or something more hopeful: a watershed moment for Kenya — a peaceful transition of power.

11 Africa-Focused Mutual Funds and ETFs

Photo by Weesam2010

The US investment community is waking up to the African growth story. As a result, an increasing number of mutual funds and ETFs now boast significant African stock holdings.

But Africa is not a country. It’s a diverse continent with a myriad of different cultures, leaders, resources, and economies.

So, I thought it might be helpful to dig into these US funds’ portfolios to determine where exactly they are placing their bets.