How to Defang the Debt Monster and Reap a 43% Annual Return

Debt monster

Have you encountered the debt monster?

At first, he hardly bothers you. In fact, he’s small and even helps you out of a tight spot now and then. But before you know it, he’s huge. Impossible to ignore. And, quite frankly, dangerous. You find yourself in a state of constant worry that his appetite will become the end of you.

Here’s a strategy to tackle him and build your wealth.

Here’s Where You Start: The First Step Toward Successful Investing

monthly chart

Investing in shares is risky business. So, before you open a brokerage account, you need to ensure your finances are strong enough to absorb the blow when disaster strikes one of your shares.

This will allow you to take reasonable risks with confidence — knowing that you and your loved ones are safe no matter which direction the stock market is going.

Here’s how you do it.