5 Hot JSE Stocks That Even a Value Investor Can Love

Faddish JSE shares that are okay to love

I hate to jump on bandwagons.

When it comes to investing, however, a mountain of evidence suggests that running with the herd may be more profitable than bucking the trend.

Repeated studies confirm that stocks with momentum – those whose share prices have recently outperformed the market – tend to outperform those that haven’t.

Here are a few high-flying South African shares that can make the trend your friend while minimizing downside risk.

How to Invest on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

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South Africa is far and away the most economically developed of African states, and, as such, will likely be the continent’s economic gateway for the foreseeable future.

Truth be told, however, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) isn’t exactly the most bullish of markets these days. In fact, the market is now at its lowest point in nearly two years.

But this isn’t necessarily bad news for value investors. Falling prices mean an increasing number of bargains are on offer. Earnings multiples are dropping and dividend yields are rising.

And because the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is one of the most sophisticated in the world, investors can scoop up these deals with a click of their mouse. The market’s accessibility and convenience make it an ideal place for new Africa investors to get their feet wet.

Here’s how to get started.

Is Africa's Greatest Grocer a Bargain Stock?

If you’ve ever traveled in Southern Africa, I’m sure you’ve spotted a Shoprite store. Whether it be the bright red logo of their eponymous supermarkets, the upscale suburban Checkers stores, or their Hungry Lion fast food joints, the company’s dominant market presence is difficult to miss.

Clearly, Shoprite feeds a continent on the rise.

This reality is anything but revelatory to Africa investors. The company’s share price has risen exponentially as the narrative of the continent’s emerging middle class took hold.

The stock now sports a P/E ratio of 27. Is it worthy of the hype?

10 South African Stocks Poised to Beat the Market in 2013

Photo by Dave Dugdale

It’s time to stick my neck out.

I’ve talked a lot about the past performance of various African stocks, and I’ve asked a number of local experts for their favorite listings. But I haven’t often gone out on a limb and made picks of my own, and many of you have noticed.

So, it’s only fair that I go on record with my best bets.

Here are my top South African stock picks. I expect that, on average, they will outperform the Johannesburg Stock Exchange All Share Index over the next 12 months.