Stock Tips for a Senegalese-American Hip Hop Star

Photo by Abdulmajeed Almutawee


Your success as a singer, songwriter, and producer is nothing short of remarkable. I’m sure you never dreamed while a boy in Dakar, Senegal that one day your music would dominate record charts, or that you would perform with the likes of Michael Jackson, or earn an eight-figure income. You’ve been ranked among the most powerful celebrities in the world, and I’m sure your upcoming album will add to your long list of achievements.

True, your success wasn’t overnight or without controversy. But you seem to sincerely want to give back and do good in the world.

Moreover, you’re serious about investing in the continent that you call home. You write about it in songs. You talk about it in interviews. You even own a South African diamond mine.

Could we talk a little bit about that last one?

3 Reasons Mining Stocks Are The Pits


Most global investors still treat Africa as a commodity play. They overlook the continent’s increasing political stability, improved governance, and burgeoning middle class. Instead, they focus on the treasure trove of copper, iron, oil, and gold that will fuel the growth of emergent economic superpowers like China and India. As an investor, I’m uncomfortable with this bias for three reasons. Mining stocks are risky, dirty, and most investors don’t need them.

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Tanzania’s rapidly growing economy is hungry for electricity. Energy demand is propelled by a booming mining sector and pro-business policy reform, but a long-running drought has slashed output from the nation’s hydro dams. Consequently, blackouts in the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, are now commonplace, dramatically increasing the cost of doing business in the country. […]