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Debt monster

How to Defang the Debt Monster and Reap a 43% Annual Return

Have you encountered the debt monster? At first, he hardly bothers you. In fact, he even helps you out of a tight spot now and then. But as time goes by, he grows. His teeth sharpen and claws become fearsome. No longer just a mosquito-like annoyance. He begins to get in your way, obstructing you from your goals. Then, before you know it, he's huge. Impossible … [Read More]

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Is KenolKobil Stock a Buy?

This is a guest contribution from Simon Maina. KenolKobil is a leading oil distributor and marketer of petroleum and other associated products (e.g. petrol … [Read More]

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The JSE’s 9 Fastest-Growing Companies

I confess. I don't give revenue growth enough respect. If you're anything like me, the top line of the income statement is something you take a quick glance at as you scan the page for earnings -- the bottom line. After all, it's earnings that count, … [Read More]

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania’s Top 5 Stocks of 2014

It appears that Tanzania's Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) will be Africa's best-performing stock market in 2014. Midway through the year, the market removed the 60% cap on foreign investors, making shares of some of the country's largest, most … [Read More]