Announcing the Stock Scout™ Newsletter

It’s not easy to construct a profitable African stock portfolio.

Independent research is scanty. Fundamental data is tough to track down. And it’s difficult to get a sense of what makes a company tick, especially when separated by oceans and national borders.

That’s why I’m launching Stock Scout™: your guide to profitable opportunities on African stock markets.

The Complete List of African ADRs and GDRs

Photo by World Bank Photo Collection

If you live in the USA or UK and are looking for the most convenient way to invest in individual African stocks, your best bet is to acquaint yourself with the growing number of African ADRs and GDRs.

Here’s a complete list of those trading in New York, London, Germany, and Paris.

Hitch Your Investments to Africa's Demographic Freight Train

Photo by Dirk Huijssoon

Last month, I explored the implications of Africa’s demographic dividend for stock investors.

I don’t want to belabor the topic, but if that series of posts was interesting to you then take a moment to read through “Africa’s Demographic Freight Train,” by Greg Barker of the Mauritius-based asset manager, Sustainable Capital. I found it fascinating.