The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange's 5 Best Performers of 2013

Tobacco growers performed well on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 2013

It was a terrific year at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The market’s main index climbed 31%.

Surprising, isn’t it? With a disputed election result, tougher indigenization laws, and under-capitalized banks, you’d think investors would be sizing up a good mattress to hide their hard-earned savings under – not investing in stocks.

But while the mood in Harare may have been gloomy, foreign investors saw relatively inexpensive assets, priced in dollars, in an economy with relatively cheap foreign exchange controls. And they swamped the market. Foreigners accounted for more than 80% of trade volume during the second half of the year.

Curious to see what they were bidding on?

Here’s a countdown of Zimbabwe’s top stocks of 2013.

How Can I Invest in the African Seed Industry?

Photo by CIMMYT

Hi Ryan,

This is going to sound a little strange, but both my girlfriend and I, days apart, had dreams where we were shown that it would be good to invest in African seeds. It was clear in both dreams that it had something to do with actual plant seeds.

I’ve never received investing advice in a dream before, but when my girlfriend had the same advice in her dream, after not knowing anything about my dream, I started to wonder.