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Ryan Hoover, Founder of
Ryan Hoover, Founder of

African stocks dropped off many investors' radar screens in the wake of the commodity bust.

But there are bright spots in the gloom, and I believe Kenya's Nairobi Securities Exchange will soon be one of them.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Kenya boasts a burgeoning service sector, driven by fast-growing IT and financial services industries, which has fostered growth of the nation's middle class.
  • Electricity output is at an all-time high as is investment in transport infrastructure, which allows businesses to operate and expand more efficiently.
  • Oil prices are at multi-year lows, which makes transportation cheaper.
  • Surging remittances and a recovering tourism industry have taken downward pressure off the shilling, which helps contain the cost of imported materials and products.
  • Analysts expect interest rates to trend lower, driving down the cost of expansion.

This is why the IMF predicts Kenya's GDP will exceed 6.0% annually over the next five years - making it one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa.

But, for me, the most compelling reason to invest in Kenya now comes down to value.

Quite simply, Kenyan stocks are cheaper today than they have been in years.

That's the reason I launched KenyaVestor.

In KenyaVestor, I'll reveal my best Kenyan investment ideas. Each monthly issue will highlight a stock that is priced to deliver market-beating performance to long-term investors.

Whether you’re completely new to investing in Kenya or have been trading stocks there for years, I’d love to have you aboard.

Each Monthly Issue of KenyaVestor Gives You:

  • A Top Kenyan Stock Pick

    My best Kenyan investment ideas, each one a fantastic company to buy and hold for the long-term.

  • Investor's Toolbox

    Resources that will help you become a better equipped, better informed NSE investor

  • Company Updates

    Ongoing analysis of developments and results for each previous stock selection and timely alerts on which ones are ripe to sell

  • Performance Tracker

    A scorecard that measures the monthly performance of each pick against the market as a whole

  • Bargain Basket

    A ranking of the most undervalued ideas from all previous newsletter picks

  • All Back Issues

    Free access to the complete newsletter archive

Fantastic Companies. Star Stocks.

Invest in the best that the Nairobi Securities Exchange has to offer.

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  • Thanks for a friendly, easy to understand, and informative introduction to investing in the growth potential of sub-Saharan Africa.
    Chuck R.

Discover Kenya's Most Promising Stocks

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  • Thanks for your great, succinct analysis ... You make it so simple!
    Ahmed W.
  • Thank you, Ryan! Great piece of work. You helped me discover African stocks.
    Jean-Julien I.

Discover Kenya's Most Promising Stocks

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