Nigerian Stock Exchange

Currency:  Naira (NGN)
Trading Hours:  9:30—14:30 (GMT+1)
Capital Gains Tax:  None
Income Tax:  10% withholding tax on dividends; 10% on interest
Brokerage:  1.00% commission + 0.75% statutory fees

Listed Companies

2 thoughts on “Nigerian Stock Exchange”

  1. Investing in Payment processing startups.

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m interested in investing in startup in Nigeria. My interest is in payment services/IT startups.
    Whats your thought?

    Thanks and looking forward.


    1. Hi Theo,

      I’m afraid I don’t have any experience investing in Nigerian startups. But there is a payment processor listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange that you may want to check out. Its name is ETranzact, and any registered broker can help you purchase shares.

      Happy investing!

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