The African Financial Statement Scavenger Hunt

Whenever I travel to Africa, I always make sure to leave plenty of space in my suitcase. I’m not reserving room for souvenirs. No. This nerd is saving space for any annual reports and financial statements that I manage to beg, steal, or borrow during my visit.

You see, tracking down financial reports is one of the biggest challenges to investing in Africa’s frontier markets. Many listed companies in the region have only rudimentary websites (if they have them at all), and investor relations doesn’t seem to be a priority for far too many firms. Fortunately, this situation improves with each passing month, but obtaining current financial data for African companies remains a scavenger hunt.

So, where can an investor turn if a company’s website doesn’t post financial results? Here’s a list of my favorite resources.


If you’re looking for an annual report, your first stop after checking the company website should be To my knowledge, this is the most comprehensive collection of free African annual reports on the web. The library presently consists of more than 3500 reports from 18 African countries. It’s brilliantly organized by country, year, and sector.

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The biggest downside of the site is that the vast majority of files are not in PDF form. Instead, they are posted in an unwieldy Flash-based format. I’m pleased to see that the site is beginning to post some PDF files. Hopefully, the entire library will soon be available in this format.

The only other limitation of the site is that it does not (yet?) post interim financials – only annual reports.


The Botswana Stock Exchange posts company financials for listed companies here. Click on the company that you are researching and the files are listed in descending chronological order in the box labeled “Company Announcements” in the upper right corner of the page.

Note that the site doesn’t always post copies of annual reports, but it does have a fairly comprehensive collection of interim and year-end financials in PDF format.

Cote d’Ivoire

Do you speak French? If so, you can make use of the Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres’ (BRVM) collection of downloadable financial updates. The files are organized solely by the date that they were published – not by company – which is not very user-friendly, and it does not include annual reports, but the collection is comprehensive otherwise.


Trying to find financial data on a Ghanaian company? Try Annual Reports Ghana. The site has a very good, intuitively organized collection of annual reports and interim financials in PDF format. My only complaint about the site is that the annual report files are typically only extracts from the complete report. The files contain the financial statements, but omit management commentary and footnotes. [Update: Annual Reports Ghana will provide complete annual report files upon request. Simply contact them via this enquiry form and specify which report you’d like to receive. You will then be emailed a temporary link to the complete report that is usable for 24 hours.]

The Ghana Stock Exchange also posts financial reports here. Unfortunately, they are not archived terribly well. If you are looking for a particular report, you will need to know an approximate date on which the report was released, as they are not organized according to company. Note, too, that the Ghana Stock Exchange does not compile annual reports – only interim and year-end statements.


The Nairobi Stock Exchange advertises a library of annual reports and company financials, but they charge about $11 per month for access to it. I’ve never subscribed to it, so I have no idea how comprehensive it is. Buyer beware.


The Stock Exchange of Mauritius posts downloadable company results (but not annual reports). But if you’re looking for a report from years past, you’re out of luck. Only the most recent updates are available. Older reports soon fall off the site.


Looking for a good source of downloadable annual reports and financials for Nigerian companies? So am I! If you know of a good one, please post it in the comments. [Update: Naija Lo Wa and Proshare both post numerous financial reports on Nigerian companies. Most of the files are broker-authored, but a determined researcher may be able to turn up an obscure annual report or set of audited results.)


The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange links to company financial results here. Like most African stock exchange websites, the results do not include annual reports and they are not arranged by company. You must scroll down the chronological list to find what you need.


The Lusaka Stock Exchange curates a small library of Zambian annual reports and financials. It’s far from comprehensive, but the files are downloadable.


You can find a very small collection of Zimbabwean financial results on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s website. The few reports available are current, but it’s not clear to me how diligently the exchange posts results. If you’re looking for older reports, you’d better look at or the company’s website.

Have you found a good source of financial reports for African companies? Tell us about it in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “The African Financial Statement Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Many thanks, renovatio. Those look like helpful sites. It looks like most of the files on them are broker-authored reports, but I did see some audited reports here and there.

    Thanks for the clarification, ARG. I hadn’t realized full reports could be requested, and I’ve updated the post to reflect this. Does the temporary link go to a downloadable PDF of the requested file?

  2. This may be unrelated, but for trading information on all listed companies across Africa the following site is tops: African Business Research – try it, it’s maintained by a friend of mine, Ayo Salami, who runs an African index fund

  3. great to see the quest for better disclosure and accountability, I think is a great resource. I hope there will be improving feeds from the stock exchanges and companies. IR and disclosure needs to be more of a priority for companies, it is cheaper to step it up from home than to try and tackle the problems through an international listing.

  4. Hi All,

    To save time and effort, as well as actually analyse the company financials in conjunction with the latest analytical tools and news, check out Bloomberg. In addition, our new Twitter channel can help you stay on top of the latest market moving news in Africa:

  5. Hi There,

    This is a great resource for African financial information. As the continent continues to advance many useful websites are being launched to meet the demand for instant stock quotes and financial market indicators. For information on debt and equity capital raising services visit Capital | Africa.

  6. African Financials is down. I have sent them several emails to find out where the resource is replaced, but have not had a response. Do you perhaps know where it has gone to? They say to link the the African Mailing List, but there is virtually nothing in there. I desperately need to find a similar website.

    1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Angela. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a great alternative at this time. Hopefully, the new site will be back again soon and better than ever.

      In the meantime, I’d suggest sourcing annual reports and other financials from the “Investor Relations” section of the relevant company’s website.

  7. provides annual reports of some of the featured companies for most of the 2000s. Annual reports for recent years should also be available. And, as suggested by Ryan, going site by site and checking investor information section would also be another option, although it is obvious that some companies have only recently created their websites and did not yet digitalize some of their reports. For Zimbabwe, I managed to download reports from 2009 onwards at

    1. It is a bit cumbersome, but I know the team and don’t think anything untoward is going on. I think it’s a way to make sure that competitors aren’t downloading the library wholesale and then re-publishing it.

  8. i would like to access financial statements for cement companies in Kenya, i cannot find them on the website. please help

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